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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  August 26, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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not the same man victimizing the senior citizens. the crime has people in a state of constant fear, looking over their shoulders, worried whether they could be next. police say that the man in this sketch got in through an unlocked window at the churchhill senior living center during the night and then raped an 86-year-old woman. sam's wife is so afraid that she now avoids wooded trails. >> she's trying to just walk on the street and the sidewalk, not going -- she's not going to the inside of the room because it's dangerous. >> reporter: two months earlier, a 68-year-old woman was sexually assaulted in a townhouse across the street. the sketch from the suspect in the first attack and a new sketch from the one over the weekend don't appear to share a resemblance. the fiscal descriptions, though, a black man about 20 years old with slight build and in the most recent attack, 18 to 25 with a thin build are
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similar. >> there is still a possibility it could be two people involved. there is also the possibility that two different witnesses under extreme stress and darkness are going to come up with different descriptions. >> reporter: around the germantown neighborhood, the new sketch is something else to watch for. >> no, i haven't seen them around. >> reporter: pam is doing everything she can to stay safe. she gets home before gashing and doesn't go anywhere alone and calls first before going her apartment. >> somebody's sick to do it in the first place but to elderly women who can't defend themselves, it seems like that is his target. >> they're older and taken by surprise and not able to fight back. >> reporter: sketches are not perfect. it's a likeness but someone out there is looking closely might recognize him. and investigators are looking
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at every lead possible, including whether the suspect lives in that neighborhood or perhaps works with the elderly. >> and you mentioned what that woman decided to do, avoiding wooded trails. what are police suggesting people do to protect themselves? >> reporter: the one thing police tell us is the suspect got in through an unlocked or opened window and one of the things they're telling people is i know it's getting cooler out there, open up the windows and you need to close the windows at night. if you have to have them open, there are a type of lock that you can buy at the hardware store to install on the windows and allow it to be up slightly and not far enough for somebody to get inside. laura? >> perhaps life-saving advice. thank you. a fugitive wanted on charges of sexually abusing a child in northern virginia is in custody. the border guards in poland picked up josh hamilton trying to cross into the czech
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republic yesterday. he lived in centreville and worked as a baseball coach for several groups in the area. a 24-year-old man claims that hamilton touched him inappropriately and has been missing since failing to appear in october. the man accused in a deadly stabbing spree faced a judge in michigan. he was extradited from atlanta early this morning and the judge ordered him held without bond. he's a suspect in 18 stabbings, five fatal and three happening in leesburg, virginia and he's wanted for crimes in michigan and ohio. the authorities arrested him in atlanta earlier this month. a man wanted for questioning and in a woman's suspicious death crashed and died in this accident here and rescuers say the car flipped over and caught fire. this wreck happened under the route 50 bridge around 8:00 this morning. the police say a woman was found dead in her home in harmons in anne arundel county around 7:45 this morning. investigators have not revealed how she decide -- died. montgomery county school
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kids going back to school on monday and officials have an urgent message for motorists. slow down. and they're announcing 25 new speed cameras located near area schools in the school zones and trying to promote traffic safety there and fox 5s karen gray houston is at one of the likes tonight with big problems. >> reporter: we're at white oaks middle school in silver spring. they have set up the cameras on either side of the street and drivers see through here all the time and going way over the 40 miles an hour limit and there is a history of serious personal injury collisions. over a seven-day period, police monitored motorists in front of white oak middle school and clocked 36,000 vehicles going 52 miles an hour or more. using traditional traffic enforcement, they can't seem to slow them down.
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>> it's important at this time of the year to remind drivers and pedestrians to be aware of the safety conditions. >> reporter: this is only one of 25 likes getting new speed cameras. either the fixed pole cameras, easy to spot safe speed van cameras or these portable box cameras. >> we have seen success. >> where we have installed the cameras in school zones has caused a remarkable decline in speeding. >> reporter: county officials are stepping up enforcement, especially in this area of new hampshire avenue. they found that since 2003, there have been three fatalities, 122 injuries in -- and accidents and 71 property collisions reported within a half mile area of white oaks middle school. >> if you get a ticket on this stretch of road or in any school zone for driving too fast, but not obeying the speed limit, you deserve it. >> reporter: the principal at the school and parents hope the threat of a $40 ticket will
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flow some -- slow some speeders down. >> this is a big problem. i have seen a fewbacks on this intersection. >> reporter: police are trying to be sneaky with the cameras and want motorists to know they're there. they're posting signs and making it obvious. the main goal is to get you to stop speeding. >> you don't have to speed. you choose to speed. we're not going let you speed and get away with it. >> reporter: the cameras are going up in the county and they set at 45 miles per hour and you have to see a lot of flashing and you don't get a ticket until you're going 12 miles over the limit. and police won't hand out tickets for another week or so. karen gray houston, fox 5 news and back to you, laura. >> with the desired results, karen and these 25 likes, will they expand the program and put in more? >> that is always a possibility that could happen and another thing they going to do once school starts, they're going to stop people who don't stop for
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school buses, people speeding through red lights and that'll step up enforcement of traffic problems in the area. >> all right, very good. thank you, karen gray houston. the final play plans are being made for two weekend rallies hosted by al sharpton and glenn beck. his restoring honor rally gained attention because it's being held on the 47th anniversary of dr. martin luther king's i have a dream speech at the lincoln memorial. tom fitzgerald is there with more. >> reporter: it's going to be busy here on saturday. in addition to glenn beck's rally, the reverend al sharpton and many civil rights groups will be holding ceremonies commemorating the 47th anniversary of martin luther king delivering his famous speech here on the steps of the lincoln memorial and what we're looking at are two different groups with different opinions and each saying they intend to fully demonstrate their first amendment right. the glenn beck rally has been
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dubbed restoring honor and we're told this is going to be featuring tributes to the u.s. military and speeches and appearances by fox news host glenn beck and former alaska governor sarah palin. not far away from this spot, the civil rights leaders will be holding reclaiming the dream and this is to feature a event at 10:00 a.m. and followed by the march here at the sat of the nearby martin luther king jr. memorial, which is under construction across independence avenue away from the lincoln memorial and both sides say thaty that expect no problems this weekend despite the different political stances from the people who plan to attend is -- attend the rallies. the u.s. park police have a security plan in place and they won't go into the details. one denominator will be the weather. partially to say that they expect the temperatures to be in the upper 80s on side.
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they asking everyone to bring plenty of water. >> i'm curious, any estimate at this point on how many people are expected, a combination of the two rallies? >> there is none and not going to be the u.s. park police got out of the business of estimating the crowds several year ago. the reason being is simple. they estimate too high, opponents of whatever the groom come out and say the service was signing with the rally organizers. they estimate too low, they will say the park police and park service underestimated the crowd and with that they don't give out estimates anymore about how many people they do or don't expect at the event. >> tom fitzgerald, thank you for the report. and terror raids in canada. three men are in custody a used -- accused of plotting a violent attack. police think at least one has ties to al qaeda. the security forces raided two
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homes in ottawa, one in london, ontario over the past two days. the police believe the men had plans and the equipment to make remote-control explosives. one of the suspects appeared on canadian idol in 2008 and told the judges he was from pakistan. the egg recall that left more than 1,000 people suffering from salmonella, you remember that one? even if you didn't get sick, chances are the recall is going to cost you and don't miss the latest coming up. what is up with the redskins $100 million man? will albert hainesworth take the field tomorrow? dave feldman is on deck coming up next. a major traffic headache all weekend long approaching the capitol beltway. five years after katrina and communities like the lower 9th ward are still working to rebuild and they have a long road to go. ohmtracy in new orleans, i'll have more on that coming up. very, very nice out there
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and in that gets nicer and hotter. we'll talk about that coming up in the first forecast. keep it here. fox 5 news at 5 is getting started.
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>> a fox 5 consumer alert tonight. the food and drug administration has found positive samples of salmonella in chicken feed linking the massive egg recall to wright county egg and hillendale farms
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in iowa. meanwhile, wholesale prices are up by 30 cents for a dozen eggs and that will likely mean higher prices for you and in the next few weeks. also, a hearing on the safety of the nation's food supply will be held on september 14th in light of the salmonella outbreak associated with eggs. a federal judge is recommending a $12 million settlement for people sickened or killed by last year's salmonella outbreak connected to peanut butter. it originated at virginia-based process serve peanut corporation of america and that was traced to plants in georgia and texas. there were 700 illnesses and 9 deaths associated with that and the settlement must be approved by a bank up is theory court judge. former baseball star roger clemens has a date with the judge. he denied using steroids while testifying before congress in 2008 but he was indicted last week, accused of lying during the hearings. clemons is expected to appear in federal court next monday and is charged with perjury and obstruction of justice but is expected to plead not guilty. two d.c. sports teams are
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in the spotlight for different reasons. the nationals are waiting for important news about one fee mom whole introducing another and the sports director dave feldman is here with all the stories. >> and thanks. the nationals had the number one pick the last two seasons and most baseball people would agree that the selections were no-brainers and yet on the day the nationals introduce harper, the next signature piece to their future, they cross their tingers and what their future holds for them. strasburg had a second mri. the nats won't have the results until tomorrow, results expected to determine whether or not he will continue to pitch or be shut down for the rest of the season and he is currently on the 15-day disabled list and has been on the dl list season with right shoulder inflammation. meanwhile, albert hainesworth might be injured and neither he nor the red skins will confirm that he suffers from the
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breakdown of muscle fibers resulting in the release of muscle fiber cobb tents into the blood stream. what we know is this: hainesworth has been suffering from headaches and has been a giant headache for the redskins, missed offseason workouts and absent from practice during training camp and complained about playing with the second team and in the second half, he will play nose tackle and defensive end. again, the jets against the jets tomorrow and once again, he will not start and tonight, we'll go in depth with the debate of our own. mike wise from the "washington post" and 106.7 of the fan, they join me at 10 and go head- to-head on hainesworth and is he being punished by the team or did he bring it on himself? they have differing opinions and should make for good tv. >> it will be interesting to see how it plays out. not just the fans, i am sure they would like to be in studio with you and we'll look forward to that. >> wisdom will be out with some
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of the fans. everyone has an opinion on albert hainesworth. i know what yours is. >> what is mine? >> you think he's a big headache and should get out of town. >> who doesn't, right? >> aren't i speaking for and you laura? >> i say the fans want to see him play. >> scratch your head if you want him traded. >> laura is scratching her head. i want to see him play. >> distract. >> thank you. >> thank you. we want to know what you think. go to and to share your thoughts. should the redskins keep our cut albert hainesworth and remember again, tune info fox 5 news at 10 for an in-depth team coverage at 10. scratch your head if you think it was great weather out there. >> did we love it? >> it was great and gary mcgrady, give us the lowdown. are we getting nice weather through the evening? >> it's going to be great out there. there is a cool front sneaking through and more than cooling us down.
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it will, just a little bit, it's bringing down the dew points and the relative humidity like this afternoon has really become comfortable out there and this is true blue view g. to the south and southwest. there is some thunderstorm activity and that is way out of here and we're seeing no chance of that. it's going to be very, very nice. the temperature at 7:00, around 80 degrees or so and specific by 9:00. 73 at 11:00 and dare i say overnight tonight we're going to have some 50s, not here in town but in the suburbs, okay, we'll talk about that and again, we're still expecting a nice little late weekend warm- up and you the numbers in the full forecast, too. >> thank you. this sunday marks the fifth- year anniversary of hurricane katrina's downfall. to mark the anniversary, a new exhibit is opening up. fox 5 got a special preview, called covering katrina, showing how the media covered the hurricane and opens up to the public tomorrow.
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the devastating storm left new orleans just a shell of what it used to and be people determined not to let their city die are still working to rebuild it. foxs trace gallagher has more from the lower 9th ward. >> the water got up to about the window, half waup to that window up there. >> reporter: home video shows the struck that katrina did to the house and walter goodwin said his father built with his own hands. like many here, goodwin was determined to return and rebuild. >> maybe that would encourage everyone else to come back. >> reporter: of the 5300 home iss -- homes in the 9thward before katrina, less than a quarter have been repaired or rebuilt and that recovery working at a snail pace. one reason? a lack of money and still, many folks who could have stayed away came back. >> i had opportunities that moved uptown near the garden district. my great aunt had a home there and i chose not to, this was
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home. >> reporter: the rebuilding effort continues in pontchartrain park. after wendell pierce put together a community development corporation with the goal of infusing new homes into the area where he grew up. >> i owed it to my parents to make sure we rebuilt the neighborhood. >> reporter: pocket train park has a special place in new orleans history created as a result of the civil rights movement. that was the only place where blacks were allowed during segregation to purchase post world war ii homes. >> and that whole process is difficult. anything worth having takes work. >> reporter: another victim, the new orleans school system. still struggling. it will be getting some much- needed help from uncle sam. the government just approved a $1.8 billion lump sum payment to schools in new orleans and that remember damaged by hurricanes katrina and rita. in new orleans, trace gallagher, fox news. well, primary day is around the corner and there is a brand- new way to cast your ballot in
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the distribute this year. >> and you don't have to worry, though. we have everything you need to navigate. coming up at 5:30. and chances are that someone you love has been effected by it s. the key to curing cancer something hidden in the common cold? we're breaking down the connections coming up next.
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>> there is a new potential weapon. >> a common virus may help beat the deadly disease. here's more. >> reporter: we all know the symptoms of the common cold like runny noises and sore throat. >> sometimes we think we have something and the next day, we're fine. >> reporter: that kind of infection from the virus can infect and kill tumor cells, according to california researchers and a new study in the journal nature. >> they have new found some insight how this gene might be working. and with two genes in this
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virus. the common cold virus. >> reporter: here in tampa, he showed us how he and researchers at the university of south florida lab are investigating the use of viruses to kill cancer cells. and a lot of people trying to find what is the best that they can use. without causing any harm at the same time. >> reporter: the red areas are structures inside the cell and the green dots, viruses and look again. the green dots go into the cell and the viruses hijack it. you can see here, it's green and that red is gone. it's filled with tiny of thousands of new viruses. and before it can take over, they have to shut down certain genes in a cell and including one that destroys cancer cells. >> they're protecting the genome from any cell to becoming a cell and that is
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going to prevent that. heads up, a traffic alert could put a cramp in your weekend plans. >> we're talking about lane closures and detours on a major artery in and out of d.c. the new rules of the road coming up next. and voters hitting the polls as early as next week and you'll cast that ballot in a new way and we'll help you navigate the changes next. 
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>> brace yourselves for bad traffic around i-66 and the capitol beltway. road work is expected to cause big delays this weekend, effecting inbound traffic. john henrehan has more on this traffic alert. >> reporter: the wind starts friday at 7 p.m. on inbound 66 and the traffic misery will last until monday
5:30 pm
morning's rush hour. traffic on inbound i-66 can slow do to's crawl when an accident is involved and highway engineers are putting out portable road signs for a week and warning that there will be traffic jams on inbound 66 this weekend from nuttily street to the capitol beltway and this weekend, one lane of eastbound traffic will be available because of construction. >> and possibly peak period. could be up to an hour delay. >> reporter: construction for the ongoing h.o.t. lane projects on the beltway is the cause of the weekendlong narrowing of interstate 66. the inbound i-66 lane, the ones on the left of the shoulder and on the left, are going to be repaved and they going to be elevated so that by monday morning rush hour, traffic can be diverted here on to the two
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ridges which will carry i-66 east across the capitol beltway. >> the narrowing of i-66 for construction purposes is scheduled the same weekend that glenn beck has called for a big restore america gathering in d.c. and the reverend al sharpton called on progressives to gather to remember the the messages of martin luther king jr. . >> and in awkward timing, you can postpone the construction? >> this is washington, d.c. every weekend there is always something and if not, and then it's the redskins -- redskins and the nie -- nightgames, we have to get the work done. >> and anyway, inbound, will narrow it to one lane of traffic and that is on friday evening at 7. it will stay that way all weekend and alternative ways into d.c., route 50 or take the dulles toll road over the top of the beltway and good
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luck to everyone, laura. 90 years ago today, women won the right to vote with the 19th amendment. the d.c. league of women voters celebrated the anniversary with . in america, the rights are never given. the women of the 19th amendment taught us that rights require struggle and constant struggle. >> the rally in front of the white house will continue until 7:00 tonight. new d.c. voting booths will be ready to go for the upcoming
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primary. the new electronic machines passed the final round of tests and include a touch-screen monitor. they will also give voters a chance to double check the ballots. >> voters in the district have two choices to cast your ballot. on election day or during early voting which, begins on monday, august 30th. the paper ballot will allow you to fill in an oval to mark the selections that you would like to choose. once you go to the paper ballot, you can insert it into the optical scanner and see that your ballot has been cast. if you choose to vote on a touch-screen voting machine, you mark your selections by pressing your choices on the screen and confirms your choices are as indicated on the realtime logs to audit the machines after the election. once you made all your
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selections, you can review your choices and make sure they're the selections you want to make and press the button to cast your ballot. you will have an opportunity to confirm you will cast your ballot. once you do, your vote is cast and you will receive your unvoted sticker. >> primary day is tuesday, september 14th and as you heard early voting starts on monday at the board of elections office in judiciary square. the registered voters cast ballots from 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. believe it or not, it's move-in day for students at the university of maryland and college park. sky fox as parents helped the kids move into the dorms. the first day of class class is on monday. george washington university medical students are kicking off their school year by giving back. take a look. they worked on community service projects across the region and that is the medical school's sixth annual day of service. we caught up with some of the students working at the north
5:35 pm
columbia heights screen. the vacant lot is being turned into a park. >> we're a national school and get students from all over and we want them to understand what washington, d.c. is and what the communities are like and, obviously, it's a chance for us to give back and to help out but i think in the long run, we're the ones who benefit. >> the students volunteered at more than 1 dozen locations. >> i saw a bump walking around and did not know what the group was. >> good for them. it's aurguably one of the most popular video games around. are you really ready to rock out? >> rockband three is almost here and we have your look at the new list coming up next. and time to roll-up your sleeves and dig in. some of the world's best fried foods are vying for the top spot. and you have to remember your i.d. if you're going to be taste something of the treats. we'll explain why coming up.
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>> the entire list for the upcoming rock band 3 is out. it contains 83 new tunes from the 1960s through the 2000s, and with $1,500 existing rock band tracks. yes is among the newcomers and bob marley's and amy wean house's -- and one by the beach boys. apple is hoping to take a bigger bite out of the market. they're retooling the current box. apple plans to offer a slimmer, more affordable $99 version of the devise. the -- device. the company is holding talks with two-day show rentals and each would cost 99 cents, $2 cheaper than the cost to buy it. elvis presley's favorite roller coaster has a new home.
5:40 pm
the groundbreaking for the new $3 million rollercoaster project was held yesterday in green bay, wisconsin. >> that's right, parts of the zipping pippen ride will be used in the new ride. the city bought it from a memphis amusement park that is now closed and it's expected to be ready to ride next may. another beautiful day across the region. >> we love it. will the pattern hold through the weekend? gary's on deck with the full forecast next. and lindsay is not wasting any time out there. the first night out of rehab and jail. she hit the town. tmz is live in los angeles with the roadblocks the starlet hit. next. 
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>> he made headlines after barack obama's elects with $1.5 million of his own money and caught our attention with this dedication to making the lives
5:44 pm
of the less fortunate better. the virginia businessman has the fox 5 factor. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: he's no stranger to the business world. his success is the head of the technology solutions company and earned him millions and landed him on the covers of national newspapers and publications. and his humble gegings in mount hole, new jersey, helped create the man -- mount holly, new jersey, helped create the man he is today. >> my father worked for campbell soup company for 40 years, my mother was a domestic working in other people's homes and did what they took to provide for the family. >> reporter: stafford was bitten before he was 13. >> and -- >> took me to sell hot dogs and sodas back then and then to work at the grocery store and that came to me that uck sell something, buy something and sell it at a higher price. >> reporter: after high school, he joined the air force and
5:45 pm
hard his bride of 39 years. >> what you see is what you get. earl is genuine and is a person with search compassion and is caring and has always been this way. >> reporter: eight years ago, he created the stafford foundation, a faith-based non- profit focused on serving the country's underserved. >> i wanted to go with my life and to do good in the community. >> reporter: on top of parring with dozens of charities worldwide, last year, it took on the largest mission yet. the people's inaugural project, spending $1.6 million of his own money, he hosted an unprecedented inaugural celebration. for economically-disadvantaged people, wounded war vets and terminally ill patients. and more than a year later, the foundation is reaching out to help the same people. >> i would encourage people to get involved and to make this
5:46 pm
your brother's country. >> he's putting his words into action and partnering with comedienne bill cosby for his doing good campaign. >> what we want to do is to inspire individuals to go out and volunteer an hour a month and donate a dollar and -- with and other viage organization to help make this a better world. >> and that is how he lives his life. to find out more, go to and click on the news dropdown tab and look for the words fox 5 factor. if you know someone doing great things in the community or has an incredible story, we want to hear about it. submit your nominations on our factor page. >> i love. that giving back to the community and comes back to him in spades and that is a good cycle. >> he's so genuine, he and his family, loving and his wife, what you see is what you get. that is the truth. >> isn't that nice?
5:47 pm
yeah. >> great story, shawn. >> thank you, thank you. >> great weather, my friend. good, and that is sticking around, too. we're going to get hot, okay. >> okay. >> and send, monday, tuesday. but -- . >> but in. >> the humidity makes it -- . >> and that is better. >> very nice and good. until sunday, you will like it. as if today was not good enough this is really, really nice and if you were in tune with the weather out there you would have known throughout the afternoon, what little bit of humidity we had and that wasn't much but it's dried out in more this afternoon. the temperatures out there as we look at the cathedral under pretty much sunny skies, that is 86 now and that is the high temperature for the day and 81 for gaithersburg; 84, frederick and this drier air is coming in and settling in behind a cool front in name only and more than anything, that is just
5:48 pm
drying the air and cloudiness down there and some showers and thunderstorms, too. all thunderstorms have pushed to the south and they're around charlottesville. between charlottesville and richmond and interstate 64. great at 7, 80 degrees, plenty of fair skies and fair skies at 9:00. at 11:00, lower to mid-70s, the winds at 5 to 15 miles per hour and here are temperatures for us in the 80s. look at buffalo, 69 degrees. chicago, 77 and cincinnati, 79. that is the source region for the cooler air that is coming in overnight tonight and tomorrow and tomorrow, not 86 degrees and going to be cooler than that and seeing the heat build into the south and southwest and this reprints our late weekend forecast. the high pressure is reaching down and is going bring the heat into the central plains
5:49 pm
and the ohio river valley and into the east coast and, as a matter of fact, we're going to be into -- to be in the 90s on sunday and that is as far north as new england and this is an east coast warm-up through the weekend and this is the high pressure to the west of us. the cooler, the drier air is beginning to settle on in and this high pressure takes control the next few days and that is building at the surface and into the atmosphere and kind of takes root, if you will, and controls the weather scenario and that is what happens all week and keeps the rain supressd to the south, too and that frontal system is moving through and not strong. it's lifted up showers and thunderstorms to the south of us and we're good, though, again, as this drier air comes on in and future cast shows us tomorrow morning, nothing but sunshine and that high pressure dominates the weather scenario
5:50 pm
here and gets right on top of us for saturday and for sunday and for monday. that does a couple of things. each day we get progressively warmer, but with it in this position right here it blocks the humidity from coming up and we're not going to be sticky at all and on sunday at noon, the high pressure is in the same place. out to the 41ics, two tropical systems out here. hurricane danielle and a 5:00 advisory up to 110 miles per hour. almost, not quite and almost the first category 3 or major hurricane of the season and that looks like danielle will move to the north-northwest and that will stay on the eastern side of berm hide at next few days and go into the nowhere sections of the atlantic and we
5:51 pm
want to watch tropical storm earl and forecast to become a major hurricane, too and right now, there is a 15 to 20% chance from where tropical storm earl is now that he could effect the east coast. it's too far to know now and that is too far away from us to know. a percentage there on whether or not he will have an effect on the east coast. 66 degrees tomorrow morning, 78 at noon and 82 tomorrow. 82 to 83 and overnight tonight, the suburbs in the 50s and you may want to turn the air conditioner off and open the windows and let fresh air in and that looks like the case for the next couple of overnights and then we start that gradual warming trend that takes us back into the mid-90s and to the end of the weekend and next week. >> okay, we see humidity coming down the road.
5:52 pm
>> and not the next five days. >> confirming a. >> thank you. and -- confirming a. i can feel my arteries clogging right now. look at this. the visitors to the texas state fair have something new to try. they will have to try the i.d. the home of the world's whackiest fried food will unveil fried beer. >> ew. >> and frozen margaritas and they some of the fried food choices vying for the top spot in the big text choice awards and other contenders, fried shores, pop-tarts, chocolate and fried frito pie and that is in case you want a double-fried dessert. >> the fried bee and margarita? >> i can't imagine. and to the talk of the town on tmz. investigators want to reinterview mel gibson, investigating his claims that his ex-tried to extort him and harvey ref sip live in l.a.
5:53 pm
-- harvey levin is live in l.a. why do they want to interview him again? >> reporter: they want to interview him because they taking this extortion claim seriously, shawn. and he's saying that she extorted him for millions of dollars to keep the tape secret and they taking it seriously enough, they want to sit down with mel and ask followup questions. he's going to do this and the sheriff's department has assured him that they not going to ask questions about that explosive january 6th fight between the two of them. >> a lot of questions we know about lindsey lohan, she's out of rehab and is taking advantage of not having a curfew anymore and we understand your crews spotted her on the town? what was she doing? >> she was doing a lot yesterday, starting with something that we can
5:54 pm
appreciate and she just got out of jail and rehab and had a craving for fast food in the worst way. where do you think she went? >> and -- what -- . >> in and out. >> is that what it's called? >> and that is an excellent choice and we'll show you. >> thank you so much, see you at 6:30 for tmz on tv. >> okay. and miley sirus is back on the market. she and her aussie boyfriend are going their rip separate ways. a rep confirms that he and cyrus ended their yearlong relationship and they began dating in june of 2009. no comment from sirus on the breakup. >> i am so glad that we know that. >> and now i can sleep. >> all right. >> and let's look at what does is coming up next.
5:55 pm
in six minutes, justice served. a prince georges county man is sentenced, more than two years after taking the life of his own wife. and new technology is coming to metro buses, the cameras that will go a long way to improving safety. and you have ever used one of these at the park? portable toilets, once on the chopping block are being kept around and thanks to some creative thinking. we'll explain at 6. hang tight. t
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>> an apology from a georgia nail salon that charged a woman a fee for being overweight. michelle fonzo complained she went to a dekalb county salon for a medicare -- pedicure. when she went, the employees told her they were worried she would break the chair and she had to pay an extra $5. she was humiliated and the store claims it was a
5:59 pm
misunderstanding. >> i apologize to the client and if she made the comments, she was wrong. >> overweight is courtesy. you can't treat people wrong because they leave weight. >> she believes she was discriminated against and has no plans to file a lawsuit. thank you for joining us at 5. the man 6 starts right now. >> everybody loved her. she was easy to get along with and very loving and caring. a family gets justice two years after the loved one's brutal murder. a prince georges county man who strangled his wife inside their home and claimed an intruder did it was sentenced to life in prison. spencer was found guilty in july of killing antoinette chase. hiwi


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